Our reports are updated quarterly and contain detailed information including the organization name, program title/description, grant type, disease state, payment date and individual payment amount. For your convenience, we provide this information in five different report views.

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Disclosure of Grants and Contributions Funded by Lilly

Lilly has for many years provided funding to organizations in the form of independent grants and charitable contributions to support medical education, patient education, and other worthy activities that we believe will increase healthcare knowledge and performance, resulting in better patient care. In 2007, Lilly became the first biopharmaceutical company to publicly report this funding and we maintain our commitment to transparency with a renewed focus of effective disclosures and sustained communications.

Lilly strives to uphold the highest standards in the way we conduct business. Therefore, the policies and procedures which govern our review of grants and contributions are designed to meet both the letter and spirit of independence standards and ensure all grants and contributions are made in full compliance with applicable laws and regulations. To provide additional oversight, the Lilly Grant Office (LGO) utilizes therapeutic area review committees consisting of personnel from the LGO and professionals from Lilly’s medical organization and/or corporate affairs.

In the United States, the LGO evaluates grant requests we receive focused on independent education as well as some fellowships and charitable contributions. Additionally, the LGO is involved in various partnerships with other pharmaceutical companies and will report any payments we make related to those partnerships in our reports.

For requests specific to a country outside of the United States, Lilly’s affiliate office in that country is responsible to review and make the final decision.

In addition, a separate organization, the Eli Lilly and Company Foundation, awards grants for philanthropic programs aligned with the company’s corporate responsibility priorities. For more information regarding the focus of the Foundation, please review the details on their website.

The Foundation does not currently support any independent medical education programs and is not included in any reports found on this website. A report of all of the grants made by the Lilly Foundation can be found in the company’s IRS 990 filings posted at www.foundationcenter.org


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